How should I wear my hair with this wedding gown?

My hair is brown, long and wavy. I am wearing an elbow-length veil without a blusher. Here is a picture of the gown. It is style 5341, the second one from the left on the second row:
Here is a picture of the gown. It is strapless and mermaid shaped. I will not be wearing the jacket. It’s style 5341.

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6 Responses to How should I wear my hair with this wedding gown?

  1. Jordan D says:

    The link doesnt work, it asks me to log in. How is your veil attatched? clip, tiara, pins? That will at least give you an idea if you need your hair to be totally up, half up, or if you can wear it down.

    There are plenty of down hair styles for weddings, but I think alot of those look better with no veil. I think a half-up do would look fabulous with your hair. Go to a salon with your veil a few weeks or a month before the wedding and ask them to do a half up do, then you can put on your veil to see how you like it. You may want to experiment a few times. Good luck!

  2. Necromace says:

    i couldn’t pull the pic up, but i think women wearing their hair long with curls look absolutely beautiful. well, hope this helps.

    ps. you’ll probably look fantastic no matter how you wear your hear.

  3. angela c says:

    curl your hair with a large curling iron. then put the front section in a poof.

  4. Donna says:

    Well you could style your hair up but since your veil is long, wear it down. Have you ever seen the pictures of Jessica Simpson’s wedding? Well, she’s curled her hair into to large wave circlets and wears the veil down like Virgin Mary. I think that would look really nice. I’m sorry my descriptions sound weird but I hope it helps.

  5. Pony dude's girl says:

    I would wear it down with ringlets… not kinky curls but long sexy wavy curls. Make sure it’s touchable and not too stiff. Every bride should be sexy. Make the groom want to touch it but don’t let him til later. Congrats!

  6. smiles4u says:

    Hi, I would leave your hair down and wavy, and pin back the sides with your veil if you can, or use some pretty Barrett’s, or hidden pins. You want to show your pretty face in your pictures. And seeing your hair flowing while you and your new husband dance will be beautiful. Congratulations to you and your new husband. 🙂

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