28 Responses to How should i were my hair to a wedding? (friends wedding that i am attending)?

  1. amira a says:

    in a cute bun with a diamond barette

  2. Cj says:

    Like you normally would.

  3. itstallion23 says:

    on your head

  4. Miss-Behaved♥ says:

    Go to a hair salon.

  5. Ann D says:

    Do a pretty up do and put it in a bun.

  6. halloweenmeyer44 says:

    i would wear it up

  7. *-Cutie Pie-* says:

    An up due. Its perfect any special occasion. A down due looks everyday..esh

  8. M D E says:

    always were a bun to a wedding

  9. linda K says:

    not too fancy cuz u don’t want to over throw the bride,

    just down and straight, that’s how i wore mine, my mom had it curly, w/e’s u!

  10. Blue says:

    Look as neat and pretty as possible. Up, in a bun, in a clip, whatever is ‘you’ but still pretty. Down is good too. Personally, though, I think you should wear it in a bun.

  11. lexi says:

    Go to a hair solon they will give ideas

  12. Susana123 says:

    If you have very long hair you should try and put it up, if its shorter then where it down. I wouldnt do anything to fancy. If you want go get a simple up do at a hair salon.

  13. elizaelizaelizacooneycooneyeliza says:

    well do a down due and curl in your ends that a december look

  14. Rachel says:

    You could curl it and then put it up, or you could just go to a salon.

  15. babybear says:

    it should look nice but you dont need to put in too much effort– remember the bride always wants to look the best there!!
    i think you should go for a down hairstyle, either straightened or loose curls
    have a great day 🙂

  16. yoly2cute 4 u says:

    Wear it up with curls coming down thats how i had mine for my moms wedding

  17. TheLaidBackone says:

    welll..first off you want to ask how the bride is having her hair…the worst thing you can do is have a better hairstyle than the bride…she will not like you for that…

  18. punk_pie790 says:

    the best way to solve this is to ask the bride!
    remeber, its what the bride wants, its her day and you want to make it the best

    oh wait, r u gonna be in the wedding or just attending?
    thats different

    but an up-due always looks more classy


  19. kymberlee says:

    There are a lot of factors in considering what you should do with your hair for the wedding. Are you wearing a dress? If so is it strapless? Is your hair long or short? If your hair is short you could do some twisties and curl the back, if it’s long, you can do a nice french braid or curl it all over and pull some of it up. Don’t be scared, try different things, look at books and have fun

  20. cheergirl says:

    I say either half up half down with like a poof https://www.romance-fire.com/pictures/Long%20Wedding%20Hair%20Styles%20001.jpg

    or a bigger poof !

    or in an updo… theres millions of them.. just google but i like htis one….

    but I htink I like the half up half down more!

    have fun : )

  21. sarah d says:

    I usually wear mine like i normally wear it. If you want it to look really nice, go to a salon and have it curled and put halfway up. If you’re not IN the wedding, you don’t need to look perfect. Have fun!

  22. kArSeN LL rAy says:

    i think hair should b down 4 a wedding… wat u should do is take cute hair pins and put 2 in the front so that a little is pulled back… thats the nice look
    the more relaxed (i like this 1 better) is 2 just use some pins and pull ur front hair (bangs) back… u mite want 2 weave ur hair
    how u do this is u just sleep in braids (about 2-3 and make sure ur hair is wet) and straiten it a LITTLE
    hope i helped

  23. MileyFAN says:

    Go to a local hair salon… and look at there magazines… that’s what i do and my hair is always amazing…

    If you want it down get it layered and get side bangs….

    If you want it up….. look in bridal magazines… or other magazines and see what looks good.

    I say were it down, because it will be cold and stuff……. cause its in december.

    So yeah… good luck….

  24. :) says:

    half up half down

  25. rachfig93 says:



    I thought some of these hairstyles are cute. Just try to find something that suits you but doesn’t upstage the bride as well.

  26. kk27 says:

    You dont need to go all out. It isnt your wedding so dont do anything too spectacular, the spotlight is on the bride. Just straighten it and wear it like you normally do.
    Have fun.

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