How should my boyfriend do his hair for prom?

My boyfriend has long skater-style hair. right below the ears kinda like this guy– — (except his hair is dark) so i was wondering if there was anything i could do to his hair that would be really cool, kinda formal for prom and still look good and work with his hair. any suggestions?

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3 Responses to How should my boyfriend do his hair for prom?

  1. Steve says:

    There is nothing a guy can do with long hair like that except get a haircut. If he he has an oval face like that guy….
    "Oval: The oval face is the ideal shape. It is designated as the "egg" shape. It is wider at the forehead and tapers to a well rounded chin. This type of face looks equally becoming with hair worn low or high on the head; and likewise, either a center or side part or no part at all is becoming. depending somewhat on other facial characteristics."
    L.S. Trusty, "The Art and Science of Barbering" pg 129.
    ……almost any short to medium regular barber shop style can be designed to fully suit and will look a lot better in formal wear. Maybe take a look at the short, medium, long and celebrity galleries at the haircutsformen site for ideas.
    Good Luck!

  2. cookiemonster says:

    just leave it! it looks nice

  3. mllesativa says:

    Have him wash it. Do you want him to look like a boy in your prom pic or like Justin Bieber (I don’t know the guy but I saw a pic of him the other day and I thought ‘oh the Jonas brothers have a little sister…’)

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