How should my hair look for the wedding?

Okay well i’m 14 and i’m a bridesmaid. I wanted a half up/half down kinda hairstyle, but i’ve been looking online for a picture to show the stylist but i can’t find one.
any websites or picutres for a hair style
if this helps my hair is straight/kinda wavy,brown, and like 2 inches off my shoulder.

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5 Responses to How should my hair look for the wedding?

  1. JJLC123 says:

    They have tons of great styles on And if your hair is shorter you can even search specifically for that.

  2. K-frizzle says:

    Maybe a pouf in the front, then straight and sleek down the back with nice delicate curls at the ends. That would look lovely.

  3. thedreamweaverwolf says:

    try this one

  4. *kim says:

    You should ask the bride if she has anything specific. I’ve seen times the bride will pay and choose how the bridesmaid hair is done. If not nothing too fancy maybe curls or a small messy bun style up do. Tell the stylist your a bridesmaid in a wedding and she can help you think of some ideas.

  5. Jenny Lynne says:

    I love curls and more curls, if you are going to a stylist she can suggest something. But I like to use hot rollers for body, smallest you can find and let rollers get very hot and leave hair up for atleast 30 minutes, take out rollers and just finger comb thru and place with a pick(not too much) main thing is to leave a lots of curls in and spray with a freeze spray as your hair is straight and the curl may drop after a while. Or curl as above and get a pretty rhinestone clip, not too big and pull hair to one side and clip.

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