How to achieve this messy hairstyle?

I really love this hairstyle.
Do you think that hairstyle takes a lot of work to look like that? Or do you think that person just wakes up and messes with it a little? Thank you

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4 Responses to How to achieve this messy hairstyle?

  1. stayupxgetdown says:

    Lots of backcombing, which will really end up damaging your hair in the long run.

  2. dropdeaddizzy9 says:

    she has scence hair/myspace hair. and it looks kinda messy by the cut. but you can try to tease it alittle

  3. Vanessa says:

    um. well it will probably not take a lot of work. Basically all you do is straighten the bottom layers of your hair and take a tousle mousse and work that into the top of your hair. Then tease the sides to achieve that messiness.

  4. 2 Pm says:

    cut it *REALLY layered , ta-da 🙂

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