How to do my hair for a wedding?

My cousins wedding is this week, he is getting married to this girl in MO, so I need hairstyles that I can do for the wedding. We are staying at a hotel, and I need 3 styles! There are two party’s, one before the wedding and one after. I have shoulder length black hair, it’s kinda wavy, and my skin color is white, but with a slight tan (if that helps), and if you could please tell me how to actually do the style so it would save me time, thanx!

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  1. LLAMMA WONDER says:

    a side bun theyre so pretty and curl your hair and put it in a half up (half up half down) then curl your hair

  2. sports101 says: – for long hair – you can also check out more hairstyles on her youtube page.

    also if you type into "wedding hairstyles" or something like that in google and hit images there will be tons more.

  3. Herbal Medication says:

    There are few hairstyles to consider:
    half up hairstyles
    updo hairstyles

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