How to do our hair for a wedding were going to?

Me (13) my friend (13) and my mom (38) would like to know how we should do our hair for this elegant wedding were going to. We are doing our hair at home. My hair is halfway down my back and poker straight so it will not curl. My friends hair is straight down to her shoulders and My moms hair is shoulder length and will do anything. thnks

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3 Responses to How to do our hair for a wedding were going to?

  1. alli says:

    umm i’m sure i can think of something!!
    you and your friend-
    1.maybe since your hair doesn’t curl you could go to the beauty shop and get curly clip on extensions!!
    2.if you like it straight maybe you could do it halfway with that poof thing!!
    your mom-
    1.she could curl her hair and put it halfway up, and use those pretty barretes (sorry can’t spell that)!!!
    2.she could straighten her hair and like then curl parts of it!!!

  2. Diamond Strength says:

    according to your outfit

  3. the.real.abbey.michelle. says:

    Since your hair won’t curl, this is a really cute sleek hairstyle, it could also work for your friends too.
    And your mom should just pull it half up and curl it.

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