How to fix my hair for prom with strapless dress?

I have naturally curly hair and a white strapless prom dress. It low in the back, about to my waistline. I’m not quite sure what to do with it… should i straighten it, straighten then curl it, wear it up or down, or what? What is the best way to wear hair with a strapless dress any way?

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12 Responses to How to fix my hair for prom with strapless dress?

  1. Lara says:

    Definately up, but lose the bun with curls hanging down or really any kind of overdone-crazy curls-sooo predictable-updo. Since you chose a strapless, low-back dress, you must have killer shoulders and a great back, so you want to show it off. Pull it up into a simple, messy, low- to medium-high twist. Or, if you really want to straighten it (and have killer volume, since you’re already rocking the textured hair), pull it up into a high ponytail and pull the top pieces away from the elastic just to loosen it and give it a more modern, but simple look. Every girl will have over-the-top curly up-dos. Be unpredictable and go for simple…let your dress and face be the main attraction.

  2. iCutie says:

    Wear it up in a tight top bun with little curls of hair hanging down in random areas. I personally think it’s really pretty. Hope this helps!


  3. novemberlilly says:

    I prefer updo’s with strapless dresses. You could also have a few random hairs that are curled into spirals above the ears and in the back and even as bangs in the front to add length so that all of your hair isn’t just pulled back.

  4. hoochiemama2000_uk says:

    I think you should check out some up styles because otherwise it’ll detract from the style of you’re dress…..if it’s low at the back you want to show that off….

    You could try what all the stars are doing now and tie you hair into a pony, the twist it round to make a knot….it looks really cool and not too ‘done’ and is really easy to do

  5. missangelone1 says:

    put it up

  6. Des says:

    I would wear it up.. it will make you look elegant and beautiful….

  7. lynne21288 says:

    i would wear the hair up pinned around the head but make sure the curls are ummm…elegant looking and leave some soft spiral curls down to frame the face and make the hair look more flowy! ur dress sounds gorgeous, good luck, and have tonz of fun!

  8. xox_chic_rockers_10 says:

    i would let it dry naturally and then curl it to make it perfect and have a flower clipping up one side like loosely, it would look cute…

  9. jackiely says:

    You should put it in a bun on the top of your head. Since you have curly hair, I suggest you put a lot of conditioner in it before you do that and bring a few pieces of curls out of the bun for the "princess" look that never gets old.

  10. nikkisalei says:

    I wouldn’t wear it up. Updo’s are so like 5 years ago. If you have naturally curly hair, work with it. I would leave my hair curly and leave half of it down. Pull half of it up and decorate it with small flower accents or jeweled clips. Something like this:

  11. d_hawa2003 says:

    Wear your hair up with a few strands framing your face.

  12. rebecca3302 says:

    messy updo…you cant go wrong

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