How to get this hairstyle?
Chloe Kings hairstyle
the blonde girls hair
i have butt length black hair that really does any kind of hairstyle that is without heat and if it dries like that when it drying out of the shower
my hair is really silky and smooth

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One Response to How to get this hairstyle?

  1. Maggie Mae says:

    I have extremely thick, unmanageable hair, and if this works on me, it is sure to work on your smooth hair! When you get out of the shower, use a towel and dry the excess water off of your hair. After your hair is still wet, but not dripping, braid it tightly for tight waves, or loose for looser waves. To get Chloe’s hair, I’d braid it a bit tighter, but not too tightly. Keep your hair in the braid overnight, then when you wake up, take it out, use a comb to make it look a bit neater, and spray with some hairspray to hold it in.

    There you go! Best of luck to you!

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