4 Responses to How to have my hair for a wedding?

  1. valliriemills says:

    If you normally wear your hair straight…then I’d definitely put some nice spiral curls in it! After that you could pull your hair back half way (half up half down ponytail) and clip it back with a nice barrette! It looks super nice with the soft curls and stuff…Make sure NOT to brush it back when you are doing the half ponytail because it’ll look better just pulled back without brushing!! Have fun at your Aunt’s wedding…don’t you just love weddings!?! 🙂

  2. Doodlestuff says:

    Depends on where you live and the current weather conditions. It’s hot and mildy muggy where I am and curls won’t hold unless you have quite a bit of hairspray.

  3. superl22 says:

    curl your hair with big curlers. Than take it out and wear it down or you could put it in a half pony!

  4. Carly says:

    haqve some loose curls and wear it half up.

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