10 Responses to How to prevent frizzy hair in humid weather 4 wedding?

  1. hwmabire3 says:

    Go to the drug store and buy Aussie brand 24-hour humidity spray. On your big day, after washing and conditioning your hair, towel dry a bit and spray the hairspray all throughout your hair. Then, comb through and blow dry. After you style your hair however you want it, then spray your hair again to set the style. It takes care of humidity without weighing your hair down. This stuff has worked miracles for me in the past….I don’t know how it works, but it does!

  2. clairetc1982 says:

    a hairdresser can help you.

    they can give you good advice on what to use to make your hair less frizzy without weighing it down (or damaging it). there is also frizz ease (not hairspray, but can make the frizzies go away) and special shampoos too.

  3. Tiff says:

    Use this product that is an oil base product. It is clear and prevents frizzy hair from ever appearing.

    I forget the name of the product, but it is Aloe Vera based and is an oily substance that you distribute throughout your hair before styling. It works great to keep frizzies down.

  4. SleeplessInMilwaukee says:

    First…Congratulations!! There are many products out there that can help control frizz without a stiff hold. I sometimes will use BedHead manipulator or Aveda’s hang straight. The Hang Straight does not really make curly hair straight, but it does help very well with the frizzies. Best of luck to you, have a beautiful wedding!

  5. Moe's Girl says:

    Use Castor Oil, It helps it to not get frizzy and you can still run your fingers through your hair…. Congratulations Bride to Be… Bye :o)

  6. diamondsis13 says:

    I would get a professional hair stylist to do your hair that day and let them know your concern about frizz.

  7. Deb S says:

    If your going to straighten it after it is dry rub a dab of face cream (vitamin A and E) on the palms of your hands and pull it through to the ends from where it starts to frizz. if going curly leave some conditioner in the ends, scrunch up with damp towel let slightly dry then spray small amounts of hairspray all over and grab hair towards scalp (longer hand scrunch’s) and shake it out LIGHTLY and let dry, If you feel too stlff, wait til completly dry then one last little scrunch to soften it a little, thats the $ free way!

  8. obsessive bout' grades says:

    this might sound crazy but, try rose water shampoo it might help

  9. Petra1977 says:

    Use a Serum when you have this problem, hairspray does work to just don’t get the max hold one and you should be fine. Also use conditioner. Congrats.

  10. mego says:

    you could shave it off and go as demi moore.

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