How to style my hair like this?

how do i get my hair like this?

step by step instructions please!! im sry i cudn get a better pic.

please help.

i have naturally curly hair

nd yeah best answer gets 10 pts.

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  1. genie-in-da-house says:

    do you have layers?
    if not you will need some, that is mainly how this effect is achieved.
    and the side bangs also!
    so that’s the basics you need, then it is really easy!
    wash your hair.
    put in some straightening balm or serum.
    blowdry it straight, you could get someone to help if you can’t do it! a round brush helps also.
    then get a straightening iron and straighten any flicky bits or kinks.
    the key is to not over straighten your hair!
    then it will look thin and boring and greasy.
    this hairstyle is groomed but still full of body!
    finish by rubbing some serum on your HANDS (and only a tiny bit) and pat this over your head, to smooth any frizz or flyaway bits!
    good luck!

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