How to style my hair wavy/curly without poofiness?

I never style my hair wavy or curly, but I like the look, so how should I do it? I have medium longish hair, which is relatively straight, so it’s difficult to curl. I don’t want my hair to get really ‘big’ as it has in the past when I’ve put roll up curlers in it. Here’s some pics of what I’m going for.

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  1. kattsa7 says:

    You can use a large barrel curling iron to acheive the seond look. Take bigger sections and curl them in a spiral pattern, but start the curl part way down the hair shaft.

    This first look is more like hair that was braided slightly damp overnight, and then taken out in the morning. After that, take a smaller barrel curling iron half way down and curl sections vertically. Curl smaller sections, but don’t curl them all. Just curl random pieces all over. Don’t curl all the way to the ends either.

    Another way to create this look is to take sections of hair and wrap them around the outside of a curling iron using your finger tips. Be careful not to burn yourself. Don’t start right at the scalp as this is what gives you too much volume. Don’t curl all the hair either. You can just do random sections all over so that some of the hair is still straight.

  2. Christine says:

    Large barreled curling iron. Then gently run your fingers through to make it look more natural.

    PLEASE answer this poor guy’s question..its not mine though.

  3. pebbles16 says:

    medium sized hair curler

  4. jezz08 says:

    Use a big 2 inch barrel curling iron or at least a 1 inch. Make them tight at first and then comb your fingers threw all when done then spray hairspray to hold it for the day. Curl towards your face. Some can be away but around your face.

  5. iesha l says:

    okay wash and conditioner as u reguar do.
    then u must have a defrizzing serum
    put that all over ur head not alot though..
    then brush ur hair in a few high tight bun
    all over ur head then air dry it or sit under a hair dryer or use a blow dryer until hair is completly dry.or sleep with them over night then put on some hairspray dove flexible hold does the job the best let that dry then take them down and walla beautiful

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