5 Responses to how to wear my short hair on my wedding day?

  1. NASTYNEEY says:

    I recently watched Glee, and one of the characters was getting married.

    Her hair is Chin-Shoulder length. It is a very simple, with the side/bangs flipped out and curled ends going inward. There’s also a picture on how she wears her hair on the show regularly.


    Or, the option of wearing it up. This photo doesn’t show it in full length, so I also added a video clip of the show so you can see it completely.

    Hope this helped! &both of these styles are subtle, and sweet. Since your hair is relatively short you cant go to the extremes, but you can still add elegance and class with one of these two styles.

  2. Oo_^^_Gina_^^_oO says:

    since your hair is that short i think if you let it go it would look pretty. Just put something on it, like flowers or something to decorate.

  3. =] says:

    It depends on the dress, the veil, etc. Have you ever seen The lion, the witch,and the wardrobe? The movie well the little girl, Lucy, at one point has her curled and tucked back with flowers. If you did a more grown-up version of that it would be pretty pretty. I think that some really nice waves or curls could be cute depending on your face shape and if it ties in with everything.

  4. Stacey ann says:

    up with a few curls coming down

  5. Georgia says:

    extentions with loose curls. or just leave it short and clip bits back so its like a puff qwiff bit.

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