16 Responses to How would I look in this hairstyle (pic included)?

  1. Jeff says:

    would look good on you but i think you super cute to start with

  2. James B says:

    u would look great!

  3. *K@T!E says:

    I think it would look good.

  4. Asidif says:

    I think it could work.

  5. 1 says:

    i think it will work well. go for it. you’ll need to manage it loads though 🙂 x

  6. orangejuicy says:

    Good! I wouldn’t suggest going with the color though, your skin has a "redish" tint to it and it might look a little too light.

  7. ~Andreya~ :D <3 says:

    It’d look fine.

  8. Chaely. (: says:

    Really cute. 🙂 Personally I think you’d look good with any hairstyle. You give off that sort of impression.

  9. :D says:

    I think it would look very attractive

  10. Marisa says:

    yeahh, its gorgeous!!! it’ll frame your face really well, too!

  11. DIVA says:

    I think you would look awesome, I say go for it!

  12. soxfan1004 says:

    you would look really good in it but dont let it go. keep it up everyday in making sure it looks good or else itll just become like your hair now, just blonde! sorry

  13. Sarah G says:

    hhhmmm i think it would look fine, just your face shape….its alot like mine and it looked bad on me haha

    your very pretty btw

    dont worry itll look fine!! 😀

  14. Alice Cullen Loves Jasper Hale says:

    yeah it would look good on you!

  15. (K) says:

    yess, it would look cyte

  16. ryan0mega says:

    This is honestly what stylists are paid to be good at. Consult a professional.

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