8 Responses to How would Rihanna's very short razor cut hairstyle look on me?

  1. X lollypop X says:

    i think it would really suit you! 🙂
    you should go to the hairdressers and ask their opinion, if it looks bad on you then it will always grow back anyway.
    hope i’ve helped 🙂

  2. Me. says:

    not good.

  3. Annie says:


  4. Hello says:

    Like a piece of crap.

  5. rich says:

    awesome it would bring out your mouth

  6. Chelsea says:

    It wouldn’t look too good, you might look like a boy. (I’ve been down that road before, super short, my face shape didn’t complement it AT ALL. The length you have it at now looks nice. Or you could even grow it out a little or see how it would look with hair extensions.

  7. baaboooo says:

    doesnt look good on anyone, including rihanna…

  8. mariman says:

    i don’t think soo

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