2 Responses to I am going to wear my hair down for my wedding. I am thinking about getting hair extensions to make it fuller

  1. THEfashionista says:


    if you have relatively long hair already, i highly recommend getting the jessica simpsons hairdo extensions in 100% human hair. i did my hair long, down, and loosely curled for both of the proms i attended this year. people didn’t know i had the extensions in, and simply complimented me on how beautiful and full my hair looked.

    the extensions are available at wig stores and just clip in! instead of getting the ones that have to actually be glued or sewed in, these are really easy to use and you can put them in by yourself or with a little help from another person.

    i’m not sure how they would look if you have rather short hair. probably still ok though!

    if you have other questions, feel free to visit my blog:

    hope i helped. 🙂


  2. beautifulirishgirl says:

    I think hair extensions look terrible and cheap, even when done professionally.

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