I am growing my hair for my wedding in November. How do I make it cute when it's in the bad stage?

My hair is almost at chin length now…I can almost put it up in a small ponytail. I’m sick of doing the same things and want to get it out of my face when I’m at work. Any kind of suggestion would be awesome. Thanks!

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14 Responses to I am growing my hair for my wedding in November. How do I make it cute when it's in the bad stage?

  1. calypsocirce says:

    Get lots of little butterfly grips (tiny ones about the size of a paperclip) in different styles. You can then pin the sides back, clip your fringe up, or (my favourite) twist your hair into little curls and bunces and secure with the clips. Take a hair skin and nails supplement to help it grow.

  2. FL_Engineer says:

    I love long hair. Good luck and congratulations on your marriage!

  3. writearoundthebend says:

    Fun bobby pins.

  4. grateful6979 says:

    a hat

  5. jstntym96 says:

    lots of of bobby pins……have fun and good luck

  6. the man says:

    I don’t know

  7. Pyro says:

    Cute, pigtails behind the ears is easiest with short hair (mine’s about that length as well)
    But since this is your wedding, I would suggest extensions unless the wedding is a few more months away.
    Good luck, congrats and blessed be.

  8. defyinggravity says:

    put it in a bun,half-up,or just make a tiny braid

  9. aidansmommy says:

    try putting it up in little twists in the front. that way it will be out of your face. and if you want to put all of it up like that it is easy. I used to have REALLY short hair, and when I was growing it out I would put it up like that.

  10. Dark Ice Godess says:

    You can wet it! If that doesn’t work then put some type of pins in your hair!

  11. Noelia says:

    try with cream baths, twice a month, and for work, put clips on it, doesn’t matter if you have to use a thousand of them (you can buy large ones for big amounts of hair, and little ones for those hairs that you can’t catch with the big ones), never ever use a regular band, it cuts your hair and make it look horrible

  12. librarymouse06 says:

    curl it or use fancy hair clips. The best thing is to play with it when u have time. Trial and error works the best. Get one of those in-style magazines for ideas.

  13. g3010 says:

    Seek out a good beauty salon and see what they can do with your hair. And best of luck on your marriage, lucky person.

  14. Nixie says:

    bobby pins and clips maybe nice highlights will make it look brighter and more livly and if u let it down and take clips u can get it out of ur face and let it still look beautiful. Goodluck. And hope your wedding is wonderful.

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