I dont know how to have my hair for my sisters wedding i have thick long brown hair.?

My sisters wedding is in a few weeks and im going to be a bridesmaid she wants me to wear it half up and half down with curls. What kind of accessories should i put in my hair?

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  1. Methlehem says:

    Since you have thick, long hair, why don’t you either flat-twist the front (and adorn with bows, ribbons or barrettes in complementary colors for her wedding, of course) and wear the length with a little curl [bump] at the bottom? Or, you could wear it neatly braided in a french braid with a simple ribbon to secure it at the bottom.

    I guess it all just depends on your personal style and what you think works best for your face type.

    Upswept hair always looks really nice, and classy, but if you have really thick hair, a securing a french roll, or twist, could be difficult – but those are also styles I’d recommend. If you don’t think you’d be too hot wearing part of your hair loose, why not sweep some of it on top of your head and secure it there with bobby pins, and wear some loose and curly at the nape of your neck? Those are always really pretty styles too. =)

    Cheers, and good luck. I am confident that you will find something attractive for your sister’s big day.

  2. chipster_520 says:

    like put it in one of the half your hair up, and half down, and curl either the top or bottom and have flowers in with the hair tie.

  3. lil dreamer grl says:

    go to sally’s beauty supplies or somewhere (anywhere really that has a hair section) and find some cute clips that would match your dress! ^_^ like ones w/ little flowers or something.

  4. Ash00786 says:

    a pretty barrette, or ribbon

  5. TayGirl says:

    flowers and butterfly clips. classic romantic and sweet. i have the same type of hair. just dont do a pony up top, do a flip up type bun, loosely, with curls in the remainding hair (from the top still) and do curly cues with the rest


  6. haidy says:

    well it all depends on the shape of your face …
    but u can either try straighting it , curling it , or straightin it and curling the bottom of it . but again it all depends on what matches your face an looks so u should try all three of them an see which on matches you most.

  7. ♥uR mY eVeRyThInG♥ says:

    do it just like your avatar. its really pretty. people will definatly compliment you.

  8. tnkumar1 says:

    Wash your hair with a good conditioner and let the hair down. Cut the length evenly. This way you will look gorgeous but be careful some time the groom may start liking you.

  9. luvouhellen says:

    Babies breath is always pretty or either something with pearls or lace.

  10. Good*Advice* says:

    first, how old r u cause if u r under 13 u should do 2 brads but if u r 13 and over u should make it curly if u have straight hair but if u have a curly hair make it straight!

    please pick me as the best answer!!!!!!!

  11. supp ;D says:

    Get a pretty pearl or gem-covered oversized clip.

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