I have a 50s vintage green prom dress – hair and makeup?

I’ve been looking for ideas for vintage makeup and hair ideas to go with my prom dress, which has a balloon skirt, and is pastel/light green with a sage sash and bow. I was thinking something along the lines of a french twist or simple bun for an updo, but have no idea for makeup. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. VintageBetty says:

    As you have an original 1950s prom dress, I think you should go for the entire 50s glamour style and look. You tube is great for ideas and there are loads of cool vintage-istas on there with advice and styling tips. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as5q5Wi6wgI There is loads of videos to look at so just have a browse. These ladies make it look really easy to get Dita Von Teese and Monroe glamour.

  2. :D <3 says:

    The dress sounds gorgeous! Haha, and I think you should wear your hair down, with curls and your bangs up in a clip, and for make up – go simple, just wear mascara. đŸ˜€ You’ll look great!

  3. lyddo says:

    For hair, leave it down, slightly wavy, but natural looking, and makeup, a black line on upper eyelid with mascara and even out your skintone with foundation if necessary.

  4. Pretty Lady says:

    An updo is great for that type of dress.
    Think soft makeup with coral red lips.
    Hope you like my idea.

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