I have long and frizzy hair and I really want to cut it short, should I?

I’ve lived with this monster on my head for too long now, and i’m too lazy to fix it every day since it’s so long, so I just throw it in a ponytail and go about my day. My hair is frizzy and horrible, I want to cut it so bad. I hear from most people that I shouldn’t cut my hair because it will get worse, but couldn’t I just flat-iron my hair more regularly now? Since my hair would be shorter, it would put less of a strain on me to flat iron it every day.

Could I get a hair cut like this?


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3 Responses to I have long and frizzy hair and I really want to cut it short, should I?

  1. im a girl says:

    NO NO NO NO!!
    have you tried a relaxer???
    flat ironing is why its so frizzy i had the same problem!

  2. Julie D says:

    As long as you have naturally straight hair, that cut should work. But if you do decide to do it, don’t try to straighten it, its too short.

  3. ~*~Tony & Amya's Mommy~*~ says:

    Yes! Do it! I had long, curly, frizzy hair too! I have two small kids and just not enough time to fix my hair all the time! I finally had enough and decided to chop it all off! I got a pixie cut a few days ago and I LOVE it! It’s so low maintenance! Make sure that if u do keep it long enough to flat iron, that you have a really good quality one! That does make a difference. Also, when you decide to cut it, go to a quality salon, not a cheapo one! You want to make sure that your stylist knows what they are doing!

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