19 Responses to i have really pale skin what color should i dye my hair for wedding?

  1. witchyxanthya says:

    Honey coloured would look beautiful 🙂

  2. sarahnikki.aspbury says:

    I think blonde hair is beautiful but if you really want to dye it I think brown would be nice. And with blonde streaks like you said.

  3. babyarnie says:

    id go caramely or honey or highlights of both

  4. WiserAngel says:

    Brunette with blonde streaks would be nice, but don’t go with too light of a blonde. That just ends up looking like stripes. Stay away from black for sure, especially with your light skin. You can end up looking goth. I would not suggest trying ANYTHING new right before a wedding. If it turns out bad, you’re stuck with it!

  5. clarevale says:

    i was thinking red, like wine red. More like a velvety red color. i’ll look real nice on your pale skin.

  6. elles says:

    Go for highlights and lowlights. That match your original hair color. Don’t do anything drastic.

  7. IrockYOUdon't says:

    First of all, pale skin isn’t sexy. GET A TAN! And I personally think strawberry blonde hair is beautiful if your style it the right way.

  8. gaigesmommy says:

    I would dye it a dirty blonde with blonde highlights…and if your that pale i would take a few trips to the tanning bed for some color.

  9. Gill Billie says:

    Normally your natural colour suits you best so I’d go with something similar to that but add some warmth underneath with a richer colour. You’ll want to be able to look back at your wedding photos without cringing about what your hair looks like!

  10. sedna says:

    Don’t go too dark I made that mistake and I have very pale skin! I’m now stuck with a colour which is too dark for me! Red dye washes out quickly so I would go for a sort of copper colour. Try a wash-out dye first to see if you like it, or try a wig of the colour you would like on.

  11. INFIDEL762 says:

    this is gonna be totally cute… JET BLACK… also wear black lipstick and thick black stuff on your eyes… sexy mama

  12. live_love_music_4ever says:

    Getting Hightlights or lowlights is the best ideas is doesnt damage your hair so much and do it well in advance for your wedding so if u do neee to chage it you will have time to. you dont want to do anything to drastic within a few days of your wedding

  13. Cristinaa323 says:

    Most women who have pale skin tend to go with lighter colors, but I think if you go darker it brings ur face out more. Especially if you get the highlights. I would go with thin blonde streaks with dark brwn hair. Good luck and hope eveything goes as planned.

  14. usserydog says:

    A natural light auburn goes well with light skin.

  15. Mitra says:

    brunette with honey highlights.!

  16. daisy31 says:

    I have really pale skin too and naturally dark brown hair…I started highlighting my hair about a year ago with honey and carmel highlights, not super obvious highlights, but just enough so that it changed the color, yet still looked natural. I have noticed that with this color combo my skin looks more tan…so just a thought for your wedding!
    Good luck!

  17. aloha91girl says:

    Tanned skin (due to the sun, not a lotion) means that there has already been damaged to it, so don’t go around changing it. I’d say brunette might be best.

  18. bellafrankie says:

    Since your natural level is light, you should stick within the carmel golden tones.

  19. Elina says:

    i think you would look good with honey color…if you have a pail skin…you would look refreshed:-)

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