I have really really curly/frizzy/poofy hair. HELP!!!?

So i have really really curly hair. curly not WAVY!
i’m 14, and when i wake up in the morning i literally have like 40 minutes tops to get ready.
my hair is like really really curly and i have a lot of hair so that doesn’t really help… last year i had my hair straight like all the time, but this is year everything is just crazy and i’m really busy! so i have it straight when i have time to go to the salon.
i don’t like to use a straightener because it damages your hair so i usually just go to the salon and have it blow dried. my hair is like 2 inches under my shoulder and when i wash my hair and i get out of the shower it like shrinks and it’s literally like up to my shoulders. i tried using moose and it just got poofy.
if i wanted it to get like this, it could.


i tried using gel and it work for a while but recently it stopped working and it has gotten poofy again. one time i used conditioner and it looked okay for like 2 hours then it basically like shrunk. i really really need help because i want to be able to wear my hair down and curly and cute and stuff.
i want to be able to at least get it like this…

i know this is long but i am really very desperate…
please please HELP!!!!
just remember i don’t want to use a straightener or a curling iron or anything like that…

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  1. Miraal Malik says:

    I have hair just like you!
    It is difficult to brush, so what I do is I shower everyday, and brush it while its wet, which is the only time I brush it.
    You can get special types of shampoos and conditioners that are good for curly hair, for example Pantene.
    After and before I brush my hair, i use John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, which corrects chronic, unruly frizz.

    Make sure it’s still wet when you finish brushing it!

    And I recommend a nice, fat brush like

    I have the exact same one.

  2. RC says:

    shave it off

    lmao V

  3. Skrillexual says:

    Go get your vag waxed.

  4. Chelsea David says:

    I suggest using a GHD straightener, it’s quick and easy and it hardly damages your hair if you use OSiS magic gloss anti-frizz serum on top. Maybe you could even go and get you hair permanently straightened, whatever works for you should be the one you stick with. Ask an expert on hair for adivce. I hope this helped, good luck!

  5. Candice says:

    When you go to the salon, ask for a Keratin shampoo and conditioner…. a bit pricey but WORTH it! It will smoothe out a lot of the frizz immediately. 2nd- get a chi straightener or something ceramic. If you get a ceramic straightener and use a tiny bit or tre semme heat spray, you will be golden. It wont damage your hair in the slighest… even if you use it every day. It’s actually better than blow dry straightening.

  6. Harini Shry says:


  7. shara holmen says:

    My boyfriend has ultra curly hair and I just love it. It’s thick and yes super curly. My answer would be not to mess with it much, there are styling products to help with the frizz (because straight or curly everyone gets it) my hair is naturally straight and it took years to learn to like what I have. I still try and curl my hair from time to time but straight or super curly it can look good.

  8. Khrystan says:

    YOU have to try Fredric Fekkai glossing cream. If you put a little bit on your hair while it’s wet and blow dry it and brush it at the same time if will come out straight. I know becuae, I have curly hair !

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