I need an updo for a wedding for slightly shorter then shoulder length hair.?

My hair is about an inch or so short of my shoulders. However the shortest layers is around my mouth. I’m getting my hair done around 7 or 8 and the wedding is at 2. I am wearing a strapless dress and I would like it to be an elegant updo for a bridesmaid. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. booder0715 says:


    this works, with shorter hair, you just need more bobby pins…but mine is shorter than yours, and it works great for me.


    or that has a bunch that work great. they are easy and elegant, which look great at weddings. (and wont hurt your head) plus you can play with bangs or curling the pieces around your ears and face 🙂
    have fun at the wedding!

  2. patticharron says:

    Go to this site for ideas.


    Visit a really good stylist a week or so before the wedding to work out details.

  3. honeohhone says:

    yes, do a roller set with tan rollers.. this will put curl in your hair… then when it is done completely drying (this is important for good curl foundation), take it down, and pin the curls up and round to form an updo… you can even swoop the front and spray hairspray and maybe leave a few curls hanging so it can soften the look.. here are some pics for you


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