I need prom hair styles, pictures would be very helpful?

I’ve got prom in 2 weeks, and my hair trial tomorrow and I still haven’t thought of what I want ๐Ÿ˜› So..
I don’t want my hair up, I want it down or half up half down lol
I’ve got long straight hair but I want it curly ๐Ÿ™‚
Any ideas will be great
Thanks <3

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  1. *Loyal to Allah* says:

    i have the perfect website to get ideas and most of them involve curly hair. to get curly hair, you should use a heat proof curler that wont damage the hair or make it dry and it is also ideal if you add some hair glitter or a hair deco to give it that extra sparkle.!!!

  2. xoxoxo says:


    its understated and not like the typical trashy prom hairstyl also tell the stylist not to put in so much hiarspray so the look remainds soft

    hope this helped

  3. Iyla says:

    I’m sorry but with out knowing what you look like or even your facial/ bone structure looks like, its really hard to suggest something that would look awsome on you… but a good way to search for them would be (say you have a oval face) hairstyles for oval faces…. that’s how i found the current hair cut i have now, and it looks great on me b/c it looked good on someone else with the same bone structure…

  4. -leia ernest- says:

    how bout u tie it up half. then u curl the bottom parts of your hair. i mean all bottom parts not the bottom part u didnt tie up. hard 2 explain but go0d luck with ur hair. oh and leave ur bangs down if u have bangs or clip it up not to the side. and use a little tiara if u are wearing a long dress.

  5. rachiee.babiee says:

    try these..

    some of the hair on here looks really nice!

    and here is more..

    OKAY! i think THIS is the one! ๐Ÿ˜€ FINALLY!

    its sexy and elegent and i love it haha!

    i hope i helped!

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