I need some prom hair ideas?

I want to do something different with my hair this year for prom. Every year I have tons of spiral curls and this year i want something different. I have long dark hair. My boyfriend (my date fo prom) really wants me to not have curly hair but my hair is straight everyday so I don’t want the same plain hair that I have every other day. So if there are other ways to have straight hair but make it beautiful that would be awesome. Thanks for your help if you can find any prom ideas at all.

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  1. Lulu-lucky says:

    -Braids, though chldish are a really good way to add texture to hair without curls or waves. Try puting two small braids on the sides of your head, near the temples. Then pull them back and tie them together with a ribbon.smoothe the rest of your hair down and apple hairspray lightly to hold it in place.

    -Though it seems boring, try a sleek pony tail. To make it fancier tough teeze the pony at the top and rap a piece of hair around the top of the pony to cover the elastic. Finish with hairspray!

    Have fun at Prom!

  2. ♥ Mahin ♥ says:

    you couldput it in the up bun style. You could also put some of the hair in front to look sexy and elegant at the same time 😉

  3. ♥Mileys♥Biggest♥Fan♥ says:

    Okay this is what my friend did it looked so cool! okat… first staraighten your hair and then pick a few pieces and curl a few … make sure there not too close together….. then after you curl them put some stick gems things in them they look so cool!! Have fun !!

  4. Brittney B says:

    You should get your hair braided it should look good in straight if you don’t like that ask some friends they should help you.

  5. Inez says:

    Maybe a side part style witha pretty colorful flower.

  6. FRCS says:

    check the links below for beauty tips to:– * Prom Hairstyles

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