I want a new hairstyle, how can I find the right one for me?

I really want to get my haircut. I have brown, shoulder length and some natural highlights. I don’t want to get more highlights, and I kind of want a Alice Cullen haircut but don’t want to have my hair crusty. My minimum time in the bathroom styling my hair is about 5 min.
Please have photos.

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  1. Beauty says:

    It depends on your facial shape and features, whether you wear glasses or not.Your skin tone. There is no way to tell what style would look good on you if you do not describe yourself or have a picture.

    You are looking for like wash and go? If your hair is not curly or wavy there is not much actual styling you can do. If you want something really noticeable go for sharp lines like a layered bob. This will let the haircut shine through with minimal styling.

    However if your hair is pretty thick you will probably need some styling tools to maintain a shorter style.

  2. kymberlee says:

    lot’s of choppy layers with face framing and a side swept bang!! You don’t need much time and the look is timeless

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