7 Responses to I want to wear small white flowers in my hair for my wedding. Any suggestions for what type?

  1. ProfessorC says:

    Stephanotis are perfect, the stems are bendable and work well with most hairstyles.

  2. roncj88 says:

    babies breathe

  3. IrishChick85 says:

    Stephanotis are really pretty and simple. I love them!!

    Do a search for them, it will give you some good pictures!

  4. imxthexcoolxone says:

    you can do a rose like flower either pink or red [not white]
    but not quarter sized. blossemed looking
    just above your ear and about 1-2 times the size of your ear

  5. poetastic79 says:

    Shasta Daisy, Snow in Summer, or Ranunculus all are white or have white versions. You should thumb through a plant book or go to a nursery to look at different types of flowers.

  6. Altstadtweib says:

    I had my wedding in Hawaii and they put fresh white orchids in my hair. It looked wonderful.
    You can order those fresh for your wedding.
    Look at this website:

  7. ♥ Yasmin ♥ says:

    If you use fake their better. But if you use real hairspray youre head befor you put the flowers in or the hairspray will make the flowers wilt trurning into a diasater.

    (ps congrats! XD )

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