if i want a specific hairstyle, can i bring in a photo to show the hairdresser?

i dont get haircuts very often so i dont really know how the whole thing works.

but i want a specific hairstyle for a change and would it be okay if i brough in a photo of what i want my hair to look like so the hairdresser can copy it?

would it be weird if i did?
do you guys bring photos in?

thanks 🙂

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12 Responses to if i want a specific hairstyle, can i bring in a photo to show the hairdresser?

  1. Renee_warrior says:

    No its not weird at all in fact its probably the best thing you can do because then you make it clear on the style you would like and then there shouldnt be any dissapointing mistakes.
    so dont worry remember the customer is always right 😉 hehe

  2. doggielover says:

    bringing in a photo is a great idea, im getting a haircut this weekend and taking a photo with me too!

  3. Kat says:

    it is ok to take photos in. i have done it and my hairdresser said that she preferred me to take one in because it was easier for her instead of me trying to describe it.

  4. William Howie says:

    haha I’ve brung a photo in too my hairdresser and she was fine with it’s perfectly fine if a guy wants to bring in a photo in to show your hairdresser what it looks like it’s waaay easier then describing it

  5. Hermione says:

    Yeah, you can do that. The hairdresser usually is happier if they have a perspective of what you want done with your hair. Doing that shouldn’t offend them, unless they’re a psycho. 😀 Anway, go for it.

  6. Hayden Grayson says:

    As long as it’s a realistic cut, not to crazy.
    The person who is Haircutting might charge extra as well so watch out!

  7. Matthew Smith says:

    Yes, definetly. I always do it now, they even recommend it to me. It makes sure they do what you want so you’ll both be happy. :]

  8. Marmite<3 says:

    yes its good to do!
    my hairdresser said she preferred it as she knew exactly what i was after. if i don’t bring one and im wanting something other than a trim she insists on me looking through hair magazines to find something that im after!

    take the picture!


    EDIT: i had a hair cut today and i took a picture! its soo nice heheh just like the pic too which is fab


  9. VampireAcademy says:

    No it would not look wierd
    I bring photos all the time when I go for a cut
    just remember it’s ur hair they can’t let u choose wat u think mite not look good
    good luck

  10. Tammy says:

    yes yuh can deffinately bring a photo in, it might not be exsacly like the photo but it will be quite close to it 🙂 its not weird, a lot of people do it

  11. Cindy H says:

    You know, I brought in a picture of an Anime cartoon character once, and she did it exactly!
    No, it’s not weird! You’d have better luck at getting what you want if you did. Now, whether or not it’s something that would work with your hair type… but if you brought in a picture, your hairdresser would be better able to advise you..

  12. John says:

    Hairdessors tell me they often get people taking photos in, so don’t worry about taking one. The hairdessors usually have photos in books of haircuts they show to people to find a cut they like. So you taking a photo takes the guess work out for them. It shows you’ve also done your homework. Sometimes, just beware, hairdressors aren’t magicians and some styles don’t work on everyone. Also it is hard to get styles perfectly the same as you may have a different hair type to the person in the photo. They will try to match it the best, however, and let you know upfront if the style suits you. Great to see that you are raking the plunge of exploring new styles considering you don’t get a cut often. Find a good hairdressor and good luck.Hope the new style makes you happy

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