3 Responses to I'm having a haircut tomorrow can anyone recommend a good hairstyle for long, very thick albeit straight hair?

  1. kaylasltr says:

    a layered cut would look good! your hair sounds like my sisters hair she got a layered cut and every1 loved it ! good luck on your dission making of your hairstyle!!=]

  2. Chili P says:

    maybe some layering with relaxed curls at the end. and also curls near your bangs(if u have bangs).

  3. ♥ ♀ ℓαу∂єє кαтιєє™ ♀ ♥ says:

    how about a sweeping fringe? it looks great and is chic and trendy 🙂 heres a link to a picci of a sweeping fringe (note the fringe not the rest of the models hair)


    for other styles take a look at these links…


    hope i helped you 🙂 xx

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