One Response to Is is worth going to a beauty salon for a wedding hair style.?

  1. M says:

    if you know you can do it yourself, why pay an arm and a leg for it?
    just make sure you practice making your own ‘do yourself at least once and have someone take pics of you so you can see if you did it well enough and if you like it

    i was a bridesmaid just this Saturday and the salon was going to charge me at least $40, i bumped into a friend and she asked her sister if she could do my hair. when i went to her house, her sister-in-law was also there and she offered to do my makeup, i offered to pay them the $40 i was going to spend at the salon anyway but the only ended up accepting $10 each. so for $20 bucks i got my hair and makeup done, and it all looked great too! if i had gone to the salon, and had the same hair-do done, it definately would have been waaay more than $40… + make up…

    if i knew how to do my own hair, i would have done it, but unfortunately, i’m barely acquainted with mr. hairbrush and ms. scrunchie

    so, if you can, save your $ and do it yourself, besides, no1 knows better what you want and how you want it than yourself

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