Is it necessary to have a hair trial before the wedding?

I understand it is better to do it so that I would know what to expect from the stylist on the day of the wedding. However, the style I want is not overly complicated and it already costs 0 on the day of the wedding + the trial would cost and it’s a hassle getting an appointment. She comes highly recommended so I’m not considering anyone else.

Any advice?

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12 Responses to Is it necessary to have a hair trial before the wedding?

  1. Tricia T says:

    I didn’t. I got my hair done at a salon that was in a fancy schmancy resort hotel. I picked there because I could get my hair and make-up done at the same time and it was directly across from the church. LOL.

    Anyway, I asked if it was really necessary to do a trial run. They said no and that they do many up dos and hair for weddings without trial runs and the women turn out fine. So, I saved the money. Of course, it took about 15 minutes longer than expected to which my sister sniffed disdainfully that I should have had a trial run. For what? For me to look fabulous to go to bed or do housework? So I was 15 minutes late…for the photographer’s imposed time schedule. I was still at the church almost 2 hours before the wedding.

    And my hair looked great!

    Since the style you want is complicated, allow yourself about 30 minutes longer than what they say it will take when you make your appointment time. You don’t want to be behind schedule or my sister will be sniffing disdainfully at you too. LOL.

  2. Mason girl says:

    I would do the trial. You want to make sure you are 100% happy with your hair and the way it holds up through the day.

  3. Kimberly D says:

    i think it’s necessary if you’re doing a complicated updo you’ve never worn before. you’ll want to know how it looks with your makeup done and how it lasts all day, if it’s uncomfortable. if it’s a simple style, then you could probably get away without a trial.

  4. Grace Is Back says:

    I think this depends on your hair to be honest. I have very fine and thin hair. It’s so hard for my hair to stay nice. So, I would do a trial before, just to make sure that my $150 hairstyle doesn’t fall out in an hour. If that’s the case, then I would have to change my hairstyle to something that’s going to work for me.

    But, if you’re hair is pretty reliable and holds styles well, then you might not need it. It’s up to you.

  5. Bombshell Bodhisattva says:

    I’m not even having a stylist – I’m doing a very sleek low bun with one gardenia stuck in it. I can do that myself.

    I’d not, if the style isn’t elaborate. It’s a waste of money.

  6. Jill says:

    Depends on how hard the hair style is. However, if she is charging $150 for an updo, I’m sure she knows what she is doing. As long as you aren’t picking a crazy hairstyle that you’re worried so won’t get right or may not look right on you, I wouldn’t worry about it. I skipped the trial and everything turned out fine.

  7. Julia B says:

    Always do the trial. The last thing you need is for your hairstyle to be unsatisfactory on your wedding day or to find out that you don’t like how it looks on the morning of the wedding! Ask your stylist to do it for free, most good stylists don’t charge for the trial if you’re having the wedding day done (at least in my experience). Plus, $85 is really not much money in the long run and your sanity and peace of mind are worth it.

  8. phantom_of_valkyrie says:

    How picky are you? Personally I didn’t even DREAM of spending that extra money for a hair trial. Then again I’ve never had a meltdown if my hair wasn’t exactly like the picture I brought in either.

    I’m the type that usually goes in to the salon and sorta says cut it in layers. They go from there.

    For prom, I went in and I said I wanted all my hair up. She asked me a couple questions and I looked at her blankly so finally said something like "this is your area of expertise".

    For my wedding I had a picture and again I wanted it all up. When I made my appointment I told her I had very thick hair and it may take some extra time. Since I told her that, she used her serious hold products and it was fine.

    I think the brides that need a trial are the ones that are going to have a meltdown if one single element isn’t like they dreamed–with daisies woven in their hair and each curl to be exactly like Julia Roberts. Since you already know she comes highly recommended and knows what she’s doing, it’s just a waste of $85.

  9. Jezebel James says:

    even if you have a really good stylist, i would definitely get a trial done. its not so much so that they can practice, its more so that you don’t get the hairstyle & put on your veil and go… "What was i thinking??" You don’t want to be at your wedding with hair that just isn’t quite right.

  10. B2B 04/11/09 says:

    I’m having formal pictures done 3 weeks before the wedding. THat will be my trial.

  11. Kristy says:

    Why is she charging for it? My stylist said to set aside a few hours one day and she and I could do trials for that time frame, no charge. I’ve been using her for years and she said charging for trials is unheard of in her salon, they always want the client to have a trial for the stylists well-being as well as the bride’s! Ask your stylist about a free trial, if she is good she will do it for free, I mean, you are using her for the wedding afterall! I am having a trial, I want to see my hair and I want to make sure my veil and hair work together and I don’t want to have to worry about my hair on my wedding day. I say do it, but see if she will do it for free, that seems like better business.

    Good luck!

  12. Mee says:

    I will be of the minority and say don’t waste the money. I went to a not-too-expensive stylist (cost $50), gave them a photo, and they did something similar and beautiful. That was just a few hours before the wedding. Personally, I was relaxed about the whole thing because no one remembers hair, and its hard to really screw up when you have someone who is trained. I was more than happy with how it came out

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