is it Normal to want to wear my hair down & straight like reese withersppon for my wedding?

After seeing pictures & more pictures of Glamourous reese wither spoons hair for her wedding..
is it normal for me to wear my hair down & straight to?
my hair is about her lenngh only dark brown,, & im little older to.. lol
but is it normal?
any one Else going to copy her?
or wear there hair down & straight for your Own wedding?

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11 Responses to is it Normal to want to wear my hair down & straight like reese withersppon for my wedding?

  1. Heather Stev says:

    Go for it! I am sure it will look amazing! Try looking up Jennifer Aniston’s wedding day hair too. She had long, flowy hair that was simple but beautiful.

  2. Nic says:

    its not the "rules" that you have to wear your hair up or a certain way. its your damn wedding you wear what you like, how you like! you’re paying a lot of money for it, enjoy it!

  3. HIS! says:

    There is no "normal." You wear your hair in the most flattering way for your face. Sounds like your plan would be lovely!

  4. cjsmummy says:

    you wear your hair how you like – its nothing to do with anyone else.its personal choice – i have long hair which i hate wearing down,so im having an up do (most likely a bun,because its classic),i couldn’t even bear a half up/half down style because i hate the feel of the hair on my neck

    if you like it,have it – nobody is going to think its wrong or anything

    the best hair is the one that is healthy,shiny and full of life – eat healthily;drink lots of water;make sure your hair is trimmed regularly;use a weekly deep conditioning treatment (i use henna wax – i wash my hair,blot dry,comb through a massive blob of the product,cover with a shower cap and wrap in a warm,damp towel for a minimum of 20 minutes the rinse out and finish with a cold great!) and use heat protect spray for all heat styling.invest in decent brushes and combs – wet hair should never be brushed,use a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom of the hair

    hair in a good condition is the key to this look after all!

    i know plenty of brides who wore their hair down and it looked great,it just isn’t for me – in fact,my best friend showed me some of her wedding photos tonight and she had her hair down and straightened,which at the time she thought wasnt special,but as it turned out,it was because she married in gambia to a gambian (obviously) and straight hair is a rarity.she was actually lent some straigtheners by her husbands aunt

    oh,and if you’re ‘supposed’ to wear your hair as you normally wear it,it’s just a bit better than your usual do,then the above style IS normal for me.that,or a clip – as i said,i never wear my hair down (drives my friends mad)

  5. Tricia says:

    Why don’t you try out several hairstyles with whatever you’re going to wear on your head, if anything? Choose the one that you find to be most attractive. Don’t worry about copying someone.

  6. krissylyn says:

    I would certainly think it was more "normal" than wearing it one of those stupid wedding dos (half up/half down or with the flat curls all pinned up) that look remotely unlike what you wear anyother day of the year. Know what I mean?

    In other words. I would much rather see a bride with her hair like it normally is, but done to perfection, than in a stupid "do" that is completely unnatural for her.

  7. Perse says:


    I’ve decided on down if it’s a calm day and up if there’s wind.

    I’ve got a new wig….20 inches of dark brown European hair, it’s gorgeous.

  8. Because I Said So says:

    There’s no such thing as normal for weddings. The only thing that matters is how you feel. I’ve been to over 25 weddings and at most of them, I thought at least one thing the bride did was different or unique. But it’s up to her taste. My hair was down and straight- but it still took the stylist over 2 hours including makeup. I just had a crystal headband that I wore that was pinned in my hair, that’s it. The salon I sent the bridesmaids to gave them all much more elegant updo’s than what I had! But that’s what they wanted in order to feel good that day.

  9. nova_queen_28 says:

    I wore my hair straight & down for my wedding in 2009. I wasn’t trying to copy anyone – I was simply trying to keep looking like myself just a little more polished for the wedding.

    My hair wasn’t as long as Reese Witherspoon’s but if you would like to see my pics, feel free:

  10. Forever Mine says:

    I’m not copying her, but I do plan on leaving my hair down, simply for the fact I look better with it down and straight or up in a pony tail. I’m not doing anything fancy because I did that for prom once, never again, i hated itZ

  11. truefirstedition says:

    Why would that be abnormal? If that hairstyle is pretty on you, it’s totally normal to want to use it.

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