6 Responses to Is there a place to try on virtual hairstyles on your picture for free?

  1. cornwall_seo says:

    Upload your photo here and try some out

  2. Christina S says:


  3. hyper_chik_B_ware says:

    Omg ok i was getting my hair cut and saw a web site in the magazine about this, it was like : yourstyle.com or somthing im not sure but u could google search it and see what pops up…i wish i remembered though cuz i wanted to do the same thing

  4. limitedgirl_t says:

    not if u wanna upload ur pic to get the real look

  5. prettyprincess040493 says:

    yes go to yahoo! avatars and then click on the thing were you can change the skin tone and then you Can click the little hairstyle button and then there is the hair styles. and you pick one.

  6. huhwhereiami says:

    yes and there are also disks you can by to do it offline. I have one but don’t remember the name. I bought it on overstock.com.I typed in virtual hairstyle and got the link below.

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