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  1. Steve says:

    Those sites are ok for longer styles but frequently when a guy is asking about a virtual style site, he is considering a very short style. For very short styles such sites are very misleading because such styles are to a certain degree dependent on the skull shape and the relation of the skull shape to the face shape and frontal hairline. If a guy wants a very short style that fully suits, rather than rely on misleading virtual styles, it is more important that he understands the various short styles and that he goes to a barber who has a good aesthetic sense and can adapt a short style to fully suit his head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features. There are two types of basic very short style. Those that contour perfectly to the skull shape which are the butch and its variant forms the brush cut(long butch), burr(ultra short butch) and forward brush cut; and those short styles that do not contour perfectly to the skull shape which are the short pomp(pompadour) styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut) and flat top crew cut, as well as a short version of a regular taper cut that is borderline ivy league. Relatively few guys fully suit the variety of short style that contours perfectly to the skull shape and there is little a barber can do to make the style fully suit with the exception of a forward brush cut but a forward brush usually only suits guys with fairly wavy hair. For guys with straight hair, a forward brush can look like the haircut Jim Carey wore in "Dumb and Dumber." While relatively few guys fully suit a short style that perfectly contours to the skull shape, a good barber can usually design one of the short pomp styles to fully suit most guy’s head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features. Even an ultra short version of a short pomp style such as the crew cut at the following link will suit if the short pomp front is designed to complement by a barber with a good aesthetic sense:
    The haircut looks extreme but in a week to ten days the back and sides will grow out to a fairly standard length for a short crew cut. His hair at the center of the front hairline is just over an inch.
    ivy league(long crew cut):
    Some barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut just long enough to be parted and combed to the side, if so desired. An ivy league is usually worn with the hair brushed up off the forehead to form a short pomp front, and can also be worn with the short bangs brushed down on the forehead like a forward brush cut.
    crew cut:
    [crew cut above illustrates an outlined edge around the ear arches and an edge tapered to the skin at the nape of the neck. His crew cut is about 1.4" at the front hairline; 0.35" at the back of the crown; #1.5 blade around the ear arches and sideburns; #000 blade at the edge of hair growth at the nape of the neck. Guys often imagine a crew cut or ivy league is a lot shorter at the front than it actually is.]
    To know the approximate length of a hair in a photo of a particular style: measure the face length in the photo from the center of the front hairline to the tip of the chin; measure the hair in the photo; assume an average eight inch adult male face length; proportionally adjust the lengths of the face and hair in the photo by assuming the length of the face in the photo is eight inches.
    [Photo above: short crew cut on the photographer with the Nikon F; long ivy league behind the photographer; all time NBA great Jerry Lucas wearing a short ivy league in front of the photographer]
    Basic short cuts:
    Clippers, Guards and Blades:
    Grooming any of the short pomp(pompadour) styles- crew cut, ivy league, flat top crew cut- is basically the same and takes about a minute or two.
    1) Towel dry hair.
    2) Barely dip fingertips in jar of wax.
    3)Transfer wax to palms.
    4) Smooth palms over hair.
    5)Brush hair off forehead to form short pomp front.
    Whichever style you decide on, be sure to take a photo to help describe the desired haircut to the barber. If you need more photos of any of the styles discussed above let me know.
    Good Luck!

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