6 Responses to Is there a way to download hairstyles for free for your Sims?

  1. captainabbyy says:

    Yeah! If you get an account on http://www.thesims2.com, you can go to the Exchange, and then under Sims there’s tons of custom clothing, hairstyles, and makeup.

  2. Shelby H says:

    yes go to sims website and then go to downloads or packs and there r clothes and stuff for them hope this helps=] dolly

  3. ZOMG OWNAGE! says:

    there are actually a shitload of sites that do the free stuff like that, just search it in google, like free sims downloads or something…

  4. nvnissay says:

    i don’t think so on THEIR site. you can try finding mods for your sims. try googling "sims mods" or "sims 2 mod" you can find alot of neat stuff to put in the sims

  5. Plastic Little Spastic says:

    for sims 2 there are tons of sites, just google. for the regular sims, i don’t think there are.

  6. [Rei] says:

    On thesims.ea.com. Also, there’s loads of other Sims download sites. Any pay sites are actually considered illegal by Maxis, fyi.

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