is this a good hair style for my sister's wedding?

i am going to be the Maid of honor at my sis’s wedding next saturday and i need opinions on this hair style~
scroll to number 18
and if not number 18, what other numbers do you think i should try?
thanks very much for your help!
Thank you guys sooo much!
Thank you guys sooo much!
im a black gurl, but i have naturally long hair…ooo hope i can pull it off! lol

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22 Responses to is this a good hair style for my sister's wedding?

  1. chiliz345 says:

    18 is a beautiful choice. Of course, any other suggestions would depend on your hair length/type, age, and your own personal style. I say if 18 works for you, go for it! I also think that 8, 11, and 26 (especially) are very gorgeous and classy choices.

  2. Ashley-Belle(: says:

    18 is so pretty!
    I like 32 too, It’s like 18 but not exactly!

  3. Emily says:

    I like number 18. I also like number 22 and number one. It depends on your preference and hair type.

  4. Grace says:

    yeah that is nice, i also like number 1 for a wedding.

  5. That one girl. says:

    I like 1 or 37 the best, lol. But it depends on your dress and your face I guess.

  6. Hey you says:

    yes i like it , looks good 😀
    1 and 23 are good too

  7. Hope Temple says:

    Go with what U like girl! Have fun! But U don’t want anything to frilly, curly, wavy.

    Takes away from how pretty you might look in the dress.

  8. Sunshine says:

    Too me, num,ber 18 feels more like the brides hair style, dont wanna outdo her on her special day do you? Myabe more like 19?

  9. Breezie says:

    18 is very pretty but try 44.. that one is gorgeous!!!

  10. ♥shala♥ says:

    its ok i guess but i like number 1 better

  11. zeidia says:

    ur choice is gud!! but i like number 33 nd 24 though. They r all cool

  12. KAY says:

    i like 2, 7, 10, and 32 the best 🙂 but 18 is pretty 🙂

  13. LaItgurl3 says:

    18 is gorgeous, i will go with that 1

  14. Jessica says:

    yeah! It is so pretty i like 32 as well! I hope your sister will be happily married and that your hairstyle looks awesome!


  15. Paige Meredith says:

    18 is pretty, but I really like 78 and 86. They seem classier to me and more "current".

  16. MariiPrincess says:

    i Loooveee 25 ^^

  17. Bliss says:

    19 36 or 71 there really nice!

  18. Bianca says:

    i love 18,19,25,55 any of those should be a winner! 🙂

  19. lil_miss_southern_belle says:

    I like #18 but i also like #2.
    it all depends on your hair length and color and type.

  20. tmod says:

    18 is very pretty i like 25 the best

  21. Tara says:

    I think 18 is overdone for a bridesmaid. The bride is usually going for the overly fancy hairdo. The bridesmaids should look nice also but in a more subtle way and are basically there to "help the bride."

  22. uniqi says:

    18 is so pretty
    and i really like no.
    19 and 31
    xx gud luk xx

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