3 Responses to Looking for wedding hair style looks?

  1. Kaos says:

    you can divide your hair half up and half down, put twists in the front part, and leave a string of hair on each side of your face…and then curl the strings of hair and curl the rest of the hair in back. I did that for my wedding last Saturday and it came out great.

  2. Dada says:

    try theknot.com i went there when i got married to find gowns, hair styles, flowers, just ideas for my wedding. …u have to register for it but its free which is good….the website its really nice because it helps u find stuff locally….

  3. jimscotty06 says:

    There is a site I found where you can view with animation how different hairstyles or updos would look with different face shapes and hair colors. You can also match it with celebrity hairstyles. This might be something useful for you.


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