My hair needs a change so can you help me pick a new hair style(pics inside)

Ok to say I have asked before about my hair and I get mixed answers so if you can please help me decide….best answer to who ever can help me the best.


style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Also how to get that style at home with out using heat except a blow dryer and chi turbo,

Also hair curling goo.

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6 Responses to My hair needs a change so can you help me pick a new hair style(pics inside)

  1. randomxlove says:

    i like the selena gomez one
    if u get hghlights it will make you look to old and.. not really natural
    well get layers and make a small poof on the top of your head
    if your hair is naturly straight you dont need to straihtin it buy volumizing gell and spread it gently thought your hair and add a bit of hair spray on the poof!
    hope i heled[[–xlove.]]

  2. *:>my☺juicy♫self☼:<* says:


  3. TLM says:

    go for three and nothing to do with Miley!!!

  4. Mommy of a 9yr 3yr and 4week old says:


  5. abcnxyz says:

    definitely not 2, because the highlights don’t really look good

    3 is easy and simple, since you both have straight hair to a degree and you can easily jus comb up the top part of your hair

    everyonce in awhile you can try a bit of 1 since you wont always be putting up your hair like 3 by parting your hair on the side and blowing your hair in certain directions w/ the hair dryer

  6. Connie S says:

    I like them in this order: 1, 2, 3. I like the first because it has body and color change. I don’t know what "chi turbo" is, but I’m guessing the best way to get that body is with large hot rollers. If you don’t want to use rollers, you could get a large round brush to use with your blow dryer. Also, there are products that can help you get more volume when you style your hair like that. Good luck!

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