9 Responses to my wedding dress is ivory, (its a very full dress) im wearing my hair down. do i need to wear a necklace?

  1. Kailyn says:

    Yes wear a necklace but make sure that its pearls or diamonds.

  2. Kelly says:

    i wouldnt wear a necklace. it sounds like a beatiul dress, so it should get all the attention. And with your hair down, you probably wont even be able to see the necklace. I dont know, i would have to see the dress on and the length, but its up to you 🙂

  3. Ariel says:

    I would not wear a necklace. Sometimes simple is more appealing, especially if you have a good looking neck (not fat)

  4. Margaret A says:

    yes i think you will. asking your mum or auntie can you borrow their pearls for the day is always a nice gesture.

  5. Heart of Fire says:

    That would completely depend on your personal preference, the amount of beading, detail and neckline of your dress, and the length of your hair. If your dress has a lot of detail or beading and has a higher neckline, then I would avoid wearing a necklace or else you’ll look too busy. If, on the other hand, the dress if more plain and it has a lower neckline, then I would wear a necklace to add some interest…but make sure to choose the length and style wisely. Here are a few necklace options that I would recommend:

    If you’re more traditional:

    If you like trendy things:

    If you want something worldly:

    If you want a pop of color:

    If you want something feminine and dainty:

  6. June says:

    i think you’d better wear a necklace….congratulation

  7. Chin says:

    it will be perfect with a necklace ,,..and congratulation

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