New hairstyle/cut? (photos)?

I’m getting my hair done tomorrow. This is me now:

(taken a couple months ago):

I am considering these hairstyles: Thoughts? Suggestions? Which is your favorite? All in blond, of course.
Yeah I did already ask something like this, and based on popular answers I chose some possible hairstyles and wanted a second opinion. But thanks for clarifying that, yes, I did ask a similar question already.

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9 Responses to New hairstyle/cut? (photos)?

  1. xoxogossipgirlxoxo says:

    i like the last one the best because it might be hard to get your hair curly like in the other two based on the way your hair looked in your pictures. good luck with the cut!

  2. Caitlyn; says:

    Didn’t you already ask this…

  3. Joshua R says:

    yes she did

  4. roobaroo says:

    visit dis site… it hs sum stuffs on hairstyles..

    This year’s hottest styles have bags of volume. A style that’s either blunt or with a few long layers and highlights in contrasting tones will also create the illusion of thicker hair. Start by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner. Next, apply volumising spray to towel-dried hair, concentrating on the roots and mid length, then use your dryer to rough-dry the hair until it’s completely dry. Section off the hair using crocodile clips and starting with the underneath sections, blow-dry straight using a large round bristle brush. Direct the nozzle of the hairdryer down the hair shaft to encourage a shiny finish.

  5. W Eva says:

    first off all you have a beutiful face. also out of the three i would pick the last one as it would frame your face and show it off.

  6. Besos says:

    the first n second one look alike but i would go wit the second one

  7. Lindsey says:

    You are very pretty. The last one would look smokin on you.

  8. Shaden M says:

    the third hait cut is the best

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