Photo shoot hairstyle help please?

i am an inspiring model and I am going to take some photos for my profolio tomorrow. We are gonna be outside around nature and flowers and stuff like that. since i am just starting i don’t have my own hair and make up artist and i don’t know what hair style to do. Help please!

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  1. xRachelRavex says:

    Get soft layers and have a stylist blend them and take the bulk out of your hair (that is if you have thick hair)

    Try soft waves or loose curls.

    For the make up use lots of earthy tones and natural colors. Like brown mascara that will lengthen your eyelashes, a mocha eyeliner on the top and half way on the bottom (on the bottom, from outer crease to the middle of bottom lid. Blend….For the top, Line from outer crease to the tear duct, and at the outer crease make it a bit wider and near the tear duct, make it extremely thin to barely there.) Eyeshadow, use what ever looks good against your skin tone. (fair skin, use a peach, darker skin use the more earthy colors like the browns and shady greens.) Plums and golds look good on almost every skin type so try those on for size. Also a nice Pink looks good.

    Hope I helped

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  2. Laura says:

    if its all natural look i think you should curl your hair or have waves in ur hair it will fit the mood

  3. snoopy_x says:

    you could try to do one of those bows made of your own hair in your hair like lady gaga has, there’s some easy to follow tutorials on youtube =)
    hope this helps

  4. willywonka5593 says:

    try to get some natural-looking waves

  5. kate. says:

    depending on what youre wearing, maybe going for the natural look?
    try natural looking hair styles, or not too hairsprayed or fake looking.
    try avoiding straightened hair, unless you put it up after straightening,
    it looks to manufactured.

    try loose curls with a bigger barrel on the curling iron, not curling tightly and not too close to the roots.
    minus the bangs; if you do the bangs, curl them slightly but not too much to where its out of control.

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