Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

haha no i dont want a female hairstyle if that was what u were thinking…lol…My girlfriend wants to get a haircut..but needs a photo to show to her stylist. She wants shoulder length hair with layers–kind of a choppy look i guess?
but she says she doesnt want the ‘scene/emo’ look–whatever the hell that is.
any help would be appreciated : )

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2 Responses to Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

  1. Dave says:

    Try either of these two websites:

    Both sites allow you to download your own photo – for free – and place different styles on your head. If you’re not able to download your own photo, there are models to choose from and you can choose the face shape most like your own.

    Good luck – from Dave’s wife

  2. me! says:

    Just go to google/yahoo and type layered hair. Sorry I don’t know how to insert a link… And tell her that a normal hair-cut can become emo just with changing the hair color… But good choice, anyway!

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