6 Responses to Prom hair?

  1. jenna_and_chloe says:

    Personally, I think it would look cute up in a urled bun with sparatic curls hanging down…if you look good with your hair up. What color is your dress? If it wouldnt clash with the blue hair, go with the blue. But if worse comes to worse, curly hair is always elegant and looks great. If you go with curls, I would leave your bangs straight or just waved a little.

  2. Fashion_grl says:

    You should have a curly high ponytail.

    You should also leave sidebangs out

  3. .::Cutie::. says:

    Curly, up, no streaks, longer
    Curl it and put it up like this….
    <3 <3

  4. aquariusqt14@sbcglobal.net says:

    Your hair sounds about the same legnth of my hair. I’m going to loose curl it then put it in a messy updo. Which is always cute for a formal occassion. I wouldnt neccessarily streak it blue unless your going for that whole rock or goth look. And if you are truely brave go for the bob. Its definatly different and attention grabbing.

  5. Just another guy on the block says:

    Try the styles of Bob I have seen in these Video Commercials, They are so Hott !!


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