Prom Hair?

okay my prom dress is long and black sparkly, and skintight to my hips, and flowy not poofy after that. It has a ruffle down one side, and is a spaghetti strap halter top.

I have really long dark brown hair, and i really want to show off how long my hair is, but i don’t want to curl it.

What are some hairstyles that i could do, pictures please?
I was thinking along the lines of half up half down?
Thanks! If you need more info just let me know.

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7 Responses to Prom Hair?

  1. strangelilgrl says:

    just leave it down and tease the top and have some side bangs…

  2. kSem says:

    Your dress sounds really gorgeous, Since you’re a Brunette, You should either tie it, and then have slicked hair. But if you couldn’t do that, Let your hair down, and put your bangs up and make it a little poofy! Use a little bit of hairspray so your style won’t fall. Search on Google "Prom Hairs" and you can either go to images or website. By the way, I also hope you have a great prom at your school. Just to let you know. I haven’t gone to a prom yet but my sister has and she’s a hairstylist. If you need more help, I can send you more info!

    ~ kSem.

  3. sweet candy says:

    do what your heart tells you to do

  4. Sarah..XO says:

    You should wear it half up half down, the part thats up should be held up with a pretty, sparkly clip! People will still see how long your hair is =)

    Your lucky! I have to get extensions for the hairstyle i want for my prom

  5. tetlitea says:

    I would suggest some curls to add body to your hair. You might want to pull some of it off of your face and put it up with a fancy hair clip (something with crystals, even black ones that will add glitz and shine without looking too costume). Have fun.

  6. Nicole says:

    put the top bit up and have big long barrel curls thats how i want mine =D

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