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  1. marieeee. says:

    you should put it all into a bun size doesnt matter however long your hair is i guess. and then leave like, one and a half inches of your main section hair out and then wrap it around the outside of the bun and bobby pin it and then hairspray.

    and another suggestion:
    i don’t know how curly your hair is but if it’s just wavy, then you should put it in ringlets like those really bouncy shirley temple curls that are vertical and tight like this, except for the front part of your hair, which you will tie half-ways up in the back, but only curl the bottom parts of it not starting from the top. here’s a picture


    but you don’t have to make it that tight if you don’t want and then after you get your hair like that, you could put it up halfway with a fancy barette or clip or something!!

    good luck.

  2. chica_123 says:

    u should use cute clips and pile it into a ponytail on top of your head and use clips that shine..it will look super cute!!

    good luck!

  3. Natural says:

    check the links below for beauty tips to:– * Prom Hairstyles

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