Prom hair..?

I have prom tomorrow, should I wash my hair tonight or tomorrow. Which is easier to work with?
If I get a shower tomorrow, I’m going to blow dry it and straighten i so it will be easier for the hair dresser to work with. But what’s easier should I wash my hair and straighten it tomorrow or wash it tonight?

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7 Responses to Prom hair..?

  1. cameo1 says:

    its way easier for the hair stylist to do an updo on hair that is not washed but cuz it stays up better and is not so slippery. they can add products for that but its better if you don’t wash it.

  2. bbwbabe74 says:

    If youre doing it yourself wash it tonight as less slippery to work with

    If your hairdresser is doing it then wash away. they can cope

    Have a great time!

  3. UGLYSWAN says:

    I personally would wash it tonight because then you have more time for other things tomorrow.
    Hope you have a great time at the prom.

  4. brittanycole_2007 says:

    i think wet hair is easier to work with so wash your hair tomorrow

  5. caramel says:

    well, if you go to a hair salon then wash it tomorrow,but if you do it yourself then you should know how your hair looks better and what is easier for you.And by the way,have a great time on the prom :)My prom is in two weeks! =))

  6. Je'nai says:

    if its easier for your stylist then do it tomorro…that way it wont take as long as it normally does when you go get your hair done.

  7. missallachef says:

    It depends on what time . . . . but if your prom is at night then you should wash it tomorrow.

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