6 Responses to prom hair??

  1. promdressshop1 says:

    Do your own hair. Only you can do it like you like it.
    Go to https://www.promdressshop.com/Promtips/hairtips.html
    for some hair tips on how to style yourself. They have some quick easy styles. Just click on the picture and it shows you how.

  2. WarWolf says:

    Make a statement and go bald!!!

  3. lyric6a says:

    Considering you don;t already owna curling iron, I take it you don’t know how to ue one…….So, I suggest you to pay to have your hair done on the day of, in the morning. It’s called an up-do or a set. You should pay no more than $20-30 for this.

  4. Humble says:

    If you buy a curling tongue, you’ll have a hard time cajoling it away from your hair. Try a curling tong instead.

    Works for me!

  5. nurfarizah1979 says:

    Just go to the hair salon a few hours before your prom starts…

  6. Darla K says:

    sometimes simple styles work, like a curling iron and a simply half up half down with a little curl look nice. everyone is going to have an updo. or sometimes if you have an older sister or a mom that is good with hair, they can be really helpful. that’s the cheap way to go about it. or go online look at a bunch of hairdo’s and find one you like print it off and show it to the stylist. but don’t get it done until the day of.

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