4 Responses to PROM!!! hair?

  1. My Answers says:

    wear it down and curl it


    put extensions in it then u can do more, like the classic curly ponytail at the top, great for prom and other occasions like that

  2. drew says:

    loose curls or long waves

    have a good prom

  3. geraldine says:

    It depends, if your dress poofs out like a princess dress u dont want to do an updo because its going to make it seem like you just stepped out of a fairytale or ur getting married, unless that is the look that you are going for, but u can dress down a dress a bit if you go with the hair down, try a roller set, it will give you height and fullness in your thin hair, and wear it down with maybe a small accessory……. Have Fun

  4. Elizabeth says:

    promspot.com has a photo gallery of prom hairstyles with instructions on how to do them. I found it really useful.

    good luck!

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