4 Responses to PRom Hair ????????

  1. Thikrayat Z says:

    this would look cute if ur into the whole calm look. personally i wouldn’t do this for prom but its still a cute hairstyle

  2. mmsbaby71095 says:

    i think:
    wood b da best choce especially if u got long hair
    also if u want half up u shood try: https://www.prom-hairstyles.us/thumbs/028.jpg

  3. char1723 says:

    search in youtube hair tutorials. they’re really easy to do. 🙂 goodluck!

  4. Krissie P says:

    Just make sure you fun at prom! In the end, this will be the most important thing, not how you looked… I don’t mean not to try and look your best, but don’t get too frustrated. 5 years from now, you will remember how much fun you had, not how your hair was.

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